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Tamara Gibbs - 
Not Just an Author an Avid Reader! 
This page is devoted to the many books that I've read and the one's that I've authored.  I post the recommendations here with care to ensure my customers enjoy the best reading experience possible. A large variety of family friendly books are recommended here.

I'm happy to hear from you about these or other books that you'd like to see recommended here so please contact me with the author/title/and pricing information for any recommendations!
Questions I've Been Asked
My first Published work available in stores!  It's now available for only $6.50 from this site! :-) 
Faith through the Changes of Life
This book is written by my pastor and has helped me to get through MANY of the changes in my life! 
Who will Remember Us?
A personal look at segregation in Texas through the eyes of a young man who grew up to become the first African American Judge in Beaumont, TX,  the late John Paul Davis, my mentor and friend.
Books I LOVE!!!!
Your Erroneous Zone

​The Brother's Karamazov

Think and Grow Rich

The Four Agreements

The Chronicles of Narnia

Screwtape Letters (FAVORITE)

The Fifth Magic