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About the logo
The logo was constructed around my first name...Tamara.  

Each Christmas Eve after we were told the traditional stories, ate, and opened our Christmas gifts at my paternal grandmother's (God rest her soul) , I was told the story of my birth by my Uncle Glen (who has also gone on to be with the Lord).  He  LOVED to tell the story that involved him, his new sweater, a ferry and my early and unanticipated arrival.  I have learned that he loved to tell the story just as much as I loved hearing it!  

That has absolutely NOTHING to do with the logo! I just love remembering the story! Now, to the logo.  My maternal grandmother informed me that my name was Hebrew for Palm Tree.  She said that the palm tree was one of the most misunderstood and undervalued trees of all time.  She said that the palm tree, because it looked small and its bark pliable, was mistaken as weak and not useful.  She let me know that the palm tree has several attributes that will help anyone to make it through life if they will only learn from it.  

A Palm tree ONLY grows upright 
A Palm tree is evergreen 
A Palm tree is not affected by drought
A Palm tree is one of the only trees the is UNABLE to graft
(because each is unique)
A Palm tree is an emblem of victory 
and lastly
A Palm tree is useful - each and EVERY part of the tree serves and/or has a specific purpose!

These attributes have become the pillars that are Tamara Gibbs - hence, the logo!  

Regardless of what anyone else ever tells you or what you may think, the palm tree that is Tamara Gibbs is... always upright (because I live for an audience of one - GOD) , evergreen (true) to God, not affected by drought (I am a living testimony to God's faithfulness),  ungraftable (because I believe in God's plan for this world and don't worry about what it "looks" like), exemplify victory and am extremely useful to those who know me~!